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The review was originally published in I used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements.

Today we are looking at a nice informative website that would help you learn Spanish: teaches you conversational Spanish depending on the level that you are comfortable with. Levels are ranked as “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” so no need to worry if  your Spanish proficiency has not yet been harnessed.

If it is your first time learning Spanish and you are hesitant to pay online for an online course that you don’t trust as yet, no need to fret because offers free membership that you can enjoy at first. Once you have decided to take your Spanish lessons seriously, you may upgrade into a premium account including an audio CD that would help you learn Spanish better.

The website also offers memberships to teachers willing to teach Spanish to beginners as well. Apart from first-hand knowledge of the Spanish language, they provide online tools that help them teach students based on a syllabus that they can follow in teaching Spanish.

Apart from helping you gain proficiency in Spanish grammar, there is also a footnote consisting of links you can click for learning other aspects of the Spanish language like the vocabulary and some verb drills too. Worth looking forward to would be the “Idiom Generator” and “Cultural Notes” to avoid sounding awkward in small talk with folks who speak Spanish as a native tongue.

In terms of connectivity, they are pretty old school. would rather have you leave comments and feedback through their online form. I would be interested following them around on Facebook or Twitter since even if I am logged out of the website I would appreciate learning even during my downtime though not as intensely as during the class proper itself. I think of it as a way to apply whatever I have learned in daily life and not just as a lesson I leave in the classroom to rot.

Apart from the written material available on in teaching students Spanish, the website also offers podcast services for auditory exposure to the Spanish language. Learning Spanish in a phonetic way helps improve pronunciation and diction of words that might have been easy to spell but are hard to pronounce, particularly words with the letter “C”. For example, it seems as if “cinco” is pronounced as /sing-kaw/ but it’s actually /thing-kaw/. Learning how to say some words by listening to someone say it right helps a lot.

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