Empower Network: My Time as Blogger-Affiliate-Statistic at Empower Network

Empower Network: My Time as Blogger-Affiliate-Statistic at Empower Network

Empower Network exposed me to the possibility of earning big bucks online simply by blogging. It was something I don’t wholeheartedly believe at that time.

There. It’s out of the bag. I don’t have much faith in the system.

More on that later.

Why did I end up in Empower Network?

Disclaimer: This is not an expose. Just an account based on my own experience.

There was this affiliate marketer that I have been following at that time. I don’t think I can use the word “stalking” here. I know that affiliate marketer only through a connection that I had with another company.

But neither founder – David Wood and David Sharpe – convinced me to join the program.

Sometimes you admire certain marketers so much, you get sold so easily at things that sometimes doesn’t even make sense.

What doesn’t make sense when I joined Empower Network?

For starters, the Empower Network that I will be discussing here is not to be confused with the Empower Network Moreishi found in some MLM sites.

But the system is basically the same.

You buy the blogging program and get the affiliate link to sell the same program to other people.

I only realized later on that the blogging platform is paid separately from the affiliate program.

This means that in order for me to promote the affiliate program to anyone that stumbles upon my blog, I have to buy the link that I can use to plug it online.

It doesn’t make any sense.

You buy a program – product, service and/or what-not – and the affiliate link is already included in the package because it will be easy for you to pitch a program if you are satisfied with it.


A big IF.

I am reminded of these schemes every time I check my Review Notes that discuss affiliate marketing.

So if I buy monthly blogging program of $25 and I want to earn through affiliate commissions, I have to buy the $19 affiliate program.

If someone buys a blogging program from Empower Network using my link, I get 100 percent commission.

This makes $25 + $19 more or less plus God knows how will do I have to blog before I get back $25 that I spent.

If I have been blogging for six months, paying monthly for $25 + $19, and I only get to sell the blogging program using my affiliate link by the seventh month from purchase, I have already spent $264 by the time I earned $25.

Empower Network

In effect, it is not 100 percent commission.

And I ended up operating on a loss.

This confirmed my hunch about why I don’t have much faith in the system.

Wood and Sharpe took around 59 or so minute (haha) to explain what Empower Network is all about.

My upline (yes, let’s call him that because it’s what the implied relationship turned out to be) can explain the program in less than 2 minutes. He’s that good of a salesperson.

So by the time I got to the fine print of what Empower Network is really all about, I already paid the price.


I did what I can to make it work. $25 is paid supposedly for the site owners to make the blog posts viral. On whether they are used to buy backlinks or do some linkbuilding on the side, I can’t tell.

Because I remember paying my first $25 (using a debit card because I’m frugal like that) and gaining access to a set of videos that are supposed to teach me how to sell.


Only for the videos to be advertisements of the bigger packages sold in the blogging affiliate program. It’s like I bought a blogging program to have material to blog, reblog and keep on blogging ad nauseam.

I did not see a way out of the company. On how I got out, I’d rather not say here. It was easy for them to let me go once they can’t squeeze any money from me.

I just kept tab on updates about Wood and Sharpe.

I will not spoil what happened to anyone not familiar with Wood and Sharpe. I plan to write about them in future blog posts.

Lessons learned?

Always look for the fine print. And there’s WordPress if you just want to blog for free while practicing your affiliate marketing skills.

Also, be an affiliate company that treats you like a human being. Not a statistic that they can monetize.

Lastly, find an affiliate program that you can endorse based on positive experiences earned from joining it.

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