VeinteMundos: Review of

VeinteMundos: Review of

The VeinteMundos review was originally published in I used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements.

Learn Spanish

There are websites that would test your Spanish literacy in less than 10 seconds. How? You drop by their website and see some Spanish words that may have sounded familiar to you but could not remember what the words meant.

This is the initial reaction one would immediately feel upon clicking put forward the message that the lessons they offered catered to those who are exposed enough to the Spanish language and are interested to learn more.


The home page itself already features at the top section a Spanish article regarding some religious practices in Chile. Try reading through the entire article and you’d realize that you hardly see any English word at all.

VeinteMundos may be offering Spanish language lessons for free online but they don’t mind partnering with other websites that offer foreign language lessons too like VocBoxYaleaYabla and Lengalia.

These language websites worth checking out too at a later time. It’s like a symbiotic relationship. provides them with articles and these websites provide language tools that lacked.


Where did got their website name? It referred to 20 countries from all over the world that use Spanish as their official language. Each of these countries has a culture distinct from the others. It even provided a map of all the countries that made Spanish their official language.

Because of this, the site espoused teaching Spanish to non-Spanish speakers as a way to celebrate the cultural diversity of Spanish-speaking nations.

This site provided quality Spanish articles to affiliate websites for their own Spanish tutorial lessons. Also, they educate the world about the colorful culture that Spanish-speaking nations live in. The beauty of learning Spanish lies in immersing the students into a world that was familiar and mysterious at the same time.


Speaking of immersion, they also offer immersion programs right in the countries they often feature in their articles. You’d realize that South America as a whole is not simply about the beaches and the balmy weather.

For example, dance is a major part of the culture in Argentina where the national dance is tango. Cubans enjoy dancing salsa in clubs. You get an idea of the festivities and merriment that Latin Americans engage into.


I tried to check into the magazine articles often mentioned in this website to see if they are bilingual. I was hoping a little that if I dug deep into, I would find at least 1 bilingual article but no. The magazine offered only 2 sections: Intermediate [Intermedio] and Advanced [Avanzado].

Those who would like to be specific in countries that they would like to immerse themselves with, the site gives them information about any specific country clickable on the map below. This would be challenging to those who know their geography well. For example, let’s click Argentina.

VeinteMundos in return would provide a closer view of the map of Argentina, its official flag and basic profile as a nation.


I admit that was one of my faves. Maybe because I was once a college instructor. And this website used the teacher’s point of view to develop the language-learning materials. All that is left of the site now is its Facebook page. I recommend that page if your proficiency is above intermediate now.

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