Study in Korea: Review of

Study in Korea: Review of

The Study in Korea website review was originally published in Dulaboo.comI used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements.

Study in Korea

The government of South Korea supports programs that encourage tourist inflow into the country. Some tourists visit South Korea to see the lavish sets used in several Korean sageuk dramas aired in their home countries. Most visit Korea to learn the Korean language.

Study in Korea

Study In Korea was mentioned in my previous language tutorial review of Kosnet.Go.Kr since this is the primary website where online language learners of the latter had to register to gain access of the Korean language lessons. The government of South Korea indeed has capitalized on the Korean wave a.k.a. “Hallyu”.

At the upper right side of Study In Korea are other versions of this website. Click a language that you understand and the page will reload in the chosen language.

In this way, Study In Korea gets to promote their Global Scholarship program to all nationalities who chanced upon their website, a smart tactic to promote not only learning the Korean language but immersing themselves in the Korean culture itself.


Of course this includes an orientation on Hangul (spelled in this site as Han-guel), the Korean alphabet created by King Sejong of the Chosun Dynasty.

Koreans take pride over the fact that Hangul is one of the logical and systematic alphabets ever formulated to promote the written communication in Korea way back when it is still a hermit kingdom.


Study In Korea promotes the Korean Language Center, a place for foreigners to learn the language itself. Most individuals who are serious on learning a new language can learn it best by staying in the place itself where it is spoken as a native language.

At first glance, it looked like one of those big buildings at the Forbidden City in China. This similarity demonstrated the Confucian influence over Korean culture.

Some students get motivated to study more when immersed in a competitive environment. Asians are often viewed in western schools as geeks and nerds and this is often due to the strict upbringing that Asian children receive at home.

Korean Lessons

This is applicable in Korean culture too where you are expected to be at your best in an academic sense. You don’t simply learn the language; you are encouraged to improve your grammatical skills to achieve good grades as an exchange student or professional in Korea.

I am not so familiar with the low tuition and cost that they are referring to as I have not been to Korea myself. But I am aware of some Koreans that come over to the Philippines as exchange students. They enjoy the low cost of living here too. Then again StudyInKorea.Go.Kr compared the living cost of Korea with life in North America and Europe.

Study in Korea

I have yet to study in Korea myself. Let alone go. (Hopefully, I get a passport next year after all of this pandemic madness.) If you have been to my Kosnet website review, you already know that the Study in Korea website is still up for you to check out. Have fun.

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