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The review was originally published in I used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements.

True to what its website says, MyLanguageExchange offers language lessons dependent not on a teacher but a language exchange partner. In this case, if you would like to learn Spanish, you have to pick a partner among their members who spoke Spanish as a native language.

The powers-that-be in catered to students who have some knowledge already about Spanish but could not practice it due to lack of native speakers to talk to. Besides how can you tell if you have reached some level of proficiency if you have no one to talk to in the language that you are trying to harness?

MyLanguageExchange derived its method from one of its founders, Helene Cormier. Labeled “The Cormier Method”, it provided a way to learn Spanish through practice and exposure to a native speaker of the language that you would like to learn.

Cormier herself facilitated face-to-face workshops with students and native speakers alike.

This approach harnessed the language proficiency through constant practice. She may no longer be involved in itself but her method is still used as a peg for teaching foreign languages here. And Spanish is one of the language taught online for free.

Learn Spanish

This is an exposure-based education. This means there would be less teacher supervision (some students would do cartwheels at the thought of that) and more personal interaction. 

The Cormier method allows you to speak in your own native language. You learn Spanish from them by letting them talk in Spanish and they learn English (or some other language you speak at a native level) from you by letting you talk as they absorb pointers and tips as to how to speak your language too.

Learn Spanish

Now before you do another set of happy dance, remember that participating in a language exchange program will be based on a lesson that you get to pick online.

Once asked to pick a Lesson Plan, a pop-up window gives you a dropdown list from which you can pick a topic plus instructions underneath as how to use it. Even the time limit depends on your discretion with the minimum time set at 20 minutes.

Since this would be online, upon creating an account with, you get to access the member notepad, an essential tool to help you take down notes while listening to your partner. has 2 voice chat software you can choose from: Skype and Paltalk. Either software has free downloadable versions for your convenience.

Learn Spanish

You get to pick a voice chat partner using the list that MyLanguageExchange provides. You even get to pick either by language or by country, a feature I usually appreciate since for some Spanish language learners, prior to speaking a proficient level of Spanish, they already have a specific country in mind to visit in order to put their language expertise into use.

Learn Spanish lives (as a website domain, that is). The Facebook page uploaded some clips way back in 18 November 2018. Maybe the lessons are exclusive to the site itself. Use it to check your level of Spanish level of proficiency.

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