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The review was originally published in I used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements. is one Spanish language tutorial program that immediately surmised that you’ve been through several tutorial programs and failed. Remember when some marketers have this way of using your failures to get into your nerves?

They didn’t use the word “failure” that much but at some point you feel bad. I don’t know if is criticizing the program you enrolled into previously or the fact that you haven’t learned much all this time.

Either way they captured your attention. (Some marketing strategies tend to choose getting into the negative route just to rile you up and get into your nerves.)

Learn Spanish

Now that they have captured our attention, might as well talk about

Learn Spanish

According to’s Home Page, the best 2 ways to learn Spanish are to travel directly to the place where it is spoken as a native language or have real-time tutorial sessions with a native speaker online. The services they offer lean toward the latter.

Learn Spanish

Although the lesson plan is already mapped out on the Home Page, the videos attached have this way to explaining in a conversational mode the features of their Spanish-learning program.

They also offer a free analysis. This is how they will identify your learning curve for the Spanish lessons. Of course there would be a little perception on their end that you’re taking up their program after switching from another program.

Upon signing up for this free program, you are also rest assured of being taught conversational Spanish from Day 1. And you get to choose your own schedule too. While the 7 Figures of Speech in a language are important, the ability to construct sentences in Spanish is still a more realistic way to learn Spanish.

You get exposed to a native speaker who teaches you Spanish by correcting the way that you speak Spanish.

Not sure if I like their manner of dissing Spanish learning programs that include travel but I can see the point is trying to drive at.

Some students end up remembering the vacation, not the Spanish lessons. They got to use some Spanish phrases during their stay in a Latin American beach resort perhaps. But it starts to wear off months after the program.

Having a full set of audio CD’s and DVD’s of Spanish lessons are not enough to keep a degree owner motivated to learn. This is like how owning several exercise equipment are not enough to motivate you to lose weight. takes pride in offering a Spanish tutorial program that helps you learn Spanish from a native Spanish speaker. They refer not only just any native Spanish speaker but a certified professional at teaching the language.

(Again another potshot against some Spanish learning programs with native speakers that allegedly “never set foot in college”)

The professional manner they have promised in teaching you Spanish is their way of guaranteeing a “systematic and predictable success”.

The latest website version of does not have any social media page at the moment. It books free assessment sessions for individuals interested in learning Spanish. Click here to see if their program suits your schedule.

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