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The review was originally published in I used to write for the said website before my contract expired. Republishing here for archiving purposes. Edited to suit Yoast’s requirements. offers Spanish lessons for free online. Like other websites that offer free language lessons, they also offer other languages apart from Spanish like Mandarin, Punjabi and Hindi. The only European language offered in this website is Spanish.

Expect a comprehensive approach to learning Spanish in this website knowing how certain websites’ strengths lay in teaching the language based on basic pleasantries and daily conversations plus cultural tips in order not to sound lost in translation. Hence, outlined their lessons not only with “Introduction and Greetings” but also other aspects that pays attention to your communication skills in Spanish.

You can choose to study the lessons offered on the home page. The site will expose you to other learning media as well in an effort to increase chances of attaining proficiency in Spanish. At the bottom of the home page are links that would give further choices to learning Spanish.

This slightly reminds you of some English lessons offered online via Skype too. Those services often cater to Japanese students of all ages. If English can be taught one-on-one by Skype, why not learn Spanish on Skype too? blogs tips and testimonials as well related to the tutorial services that they offer online. Apply the lessons learned upon immigrating to the country that speaks the language for real time application. also helps secure jobs that required the knowledge of Spanish.

The site knew how to market their services well in an effort to encourage even non-native speakers to learn Spanish. It eases the discomfort of moving into a foreign land by breaking the language barriers that immigration brings.

Apart from having their own Facebook page that you can like, the blog entries are easy to share. You can also share them in Twitter, StumbleUpon and Tumblr. Email the blog post entries as well for a personalized touch. The site’s interface encourages it too. takes pride in offering an English-Spanish dictionary where the Spanish words are clickable to let your hear the right way to pronounce the word. It may have been almost a common service offered in Spanish lessons offered online.

The advantage lay in classifying the words taught into 7 different figures of speech. You will be familiarized with some of the words once you get to hear the way they are pronounced, not the way they are spelled.

As of this writing, as a website does not exist anymore. Most (if not all) of the lessons are now archived in Facebook and YouTube. Clicking on the CultureAlley domain redirects you to a different site. Still, the lessons help in providing a basic grasp of the Spanish language.

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