A Website I Can Call My Own.

A Website I Can Call My Own.

Finally, I have finished publishing the website. I know I still have a long way to go but this is better than being stuck in a rut.

Still a little old school with that pen and notepad sometimes.

I know.

Getting this website version of everything that I have worked hard for (and everything I plan to work for in the future) took extra time. If not for NameCheap having affordable deals for me to take advantage of, I might have waited 60 days more in terms of domain transfer boo-boos.

Because most of the time, clients need an actual website to check if you have published anything or if you are capable of writing stuff that they can use for their marketing campaigns.

While I am thankful that some of the articles that I have written in the past got preserved in the Wayback Machine for clients whose websites have gotten down, it’s still different if you have your own website that you can maintain not only for the sake of having a portfolio but for archiving purposes.

Because, as some “influencers” would say, “Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.”

If something’s going to stay on the internet forever, I’d rather have it preserved in a website that I can call my own.

Sometimes, it still feels unreal that I finally have my own website. (Oh no. I’m getting sentimental.)

But for something that I can manage on the fly using my own (limited) resources, if I can make it up by writing quality content, I would do it.

So expect 2 things on this website:

One, I’d be writing my own blog posts.

Two, I’d be transcribing some audios or videos from which I learned valuable things.

This will be a fun ride.

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